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Frustrations of an intercultural manner

Today I was walking down a major avenue in São Paulo and I saw something extremely odd. It was a man riding a bicycle with his neck in a brace and without a helmet. It’s the sort of thing that you will come to notice by being in Brazil.


From Ethiopia to Kenya

It has been a little while since my last blog and I have a bunch to cover. Since Egypt we went to Ethiopia and from there we ended up in Rwanda, Uganda, and eventually Kenya. We visited a different ministry with each country and who all have their own styles of ministry.


Málaga: what is the typical.

There isn’t a lot that is exciting in a missionary’s life, nor is it ordinary. Neither is there a lot that goes on in a potential missionary’s life, especially one that is learning to become one, or at least learn about cross-cultural ministries.


With a little help from my friends…

I leave in two days, that’s right just two days. It is a scary notion to think that soon I will be half way across the world leading a team for a month from Europe to Northern Africa and then off to Brazil for six months. It is hard to comprehend. Although it is nice …