My name is Demetrius Schwab. I am 24 years old and in my fourth year of my Bachelor of Arts of Intercultural Studies. This is my personal and past GlobeTrek blog. Here I will be posting stories about my life, GlobeTrek, the things that are on my mind, and how God is working in the universe. My goals are to become a missionary somewhere in the world. If that is either in Canada or elsewhere. If I have to leave everyone behind because of my call from God then so be it, but I’m not letting them go.

How on earth does someone get this call? Well it’s always complicated, but I wear my heart on my sleeve. Perhaps the story will come out from time to time, but you’ll have to ask me. Send me an email and ask me, or if you prefer talk to me in person.

Some photos of me.

I hope God can use me in all ways that he needs. No matter how scary it may be.

Demetrius Schwab