Egyptian Singing

We’ve been in Egypt for the last few days. We came here after a couple day layover in Greece and a short while in Valencia. It hasn’t been easy to get used to being in Egypt, especially while leading a big team of North Americans.

We have partnered with CRU (formally Campus Crusaders for Christ). It was hard to get connected because we only got to see their ministry for one day. The lack of ministry experience is because the days we were here for were Holy days. Despite this we got to see some people who are on fire for God and doing things that are working for him. Luther, for one, was our host and that’s despite being the director of the organization for all of Egypt. He was with us for every minute he wasn’t busy. He shared things with us when he himself is relying on God for his needs.

It's hot and yet a lot of women still wear full clothing.
It’s hot and yet a lot of women still wear full clothing.

I think the hardest part of being in Egypt is being white. I stick out like a sore thumb. I must look dazed when I walk around. It is like they don’t see me as what I am but what they expect me to be, a white tourist. Unfortunately a lot of the people in the tourist areas try to take advantage of us and that does not feel good. I didn’t want to leave Egypt seeing a people that manipulate to get money out of me and I won’t.

Today, as we were driving back from the pyramids, we were listening to the radio and I asked Anai to translate some of the song for me. The song’s lyrics were beautiful. They song about love and passion. So I’ve decided to try and reevaluate my time here with that passion. It might still be skewed and I might never be considered Egyptian, but at least I can try to get to their hearts a little bit better.

Lord I pray for the Egyptian people that they can have freedom and peace. I pray that I can see the people as passionate and not manipulative.

Prayer requests:

For me as I lead the team and do finances. It is quite stressful.

For finances as I still don’t know how much I have.

For relationships back home as I feel the distance.

For us to see ministries and for us to get involved and help in any way.

Lord I need you now. Amen.

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