So long Brazil and hello Asia!

Finishing in Brazil and going to Asia…

As I finish in Brazil, I look back at what has happened and what I have learned. At times Brazil has been very difficult like when I did not have any handle on my Portuguese. But these last few months I have been able to really enjoy Brazil and make the most out of it. I still think of the two boys that I wrote about in my last blog, Igor and Luis. Igor has actually ran away from home and is most likely involved in drug trafficking. I still have not learned anything about Luis — all I can do about that is hope he went home.

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About two boys

About one month left in Brazil, then I am off to Asia for the final leg of the journey. The last little while has been really good and I feel like I’m actually getting the hang of things. It also feels like I’m getting into and understanding some of the harder things that are occurring.

I want to tell you about two boys that I have gotten to know a little bit here. The first is named Igor and the other is named Luís. Continue reading “About two boys”