Brazil and a look into January

I have been in Brazil for about 2 and half months now and I am really starting to enjoy it. The first month and a half was actually some of the hardest time that I have been through while on this trip.. Being thrown into a new culture and language where there isn’t a lot of people who speak your language can be pretty frustrating.

The organization that I am working with here is called ABBA (, which is an acronym that roughly translates to Brazilian Association for the Benefit of Aslan. They like to use Aslan from the Narnia series to reference God. They have about 10 different projects all throughout São Paulo. A rescue home for trafficked girls, a home for children whose parents can’t support them, some afterschool programs, a weekend kids club, and a street ministry roughly round out the 10.

For first few months, that I have been here, I worked in one of the afterschool program, called Casa Semear (House to sow, essentially) with a missionary named Robert. The way school works in Brazil is that a kid either goes in the morning or the afternoon so this program will take the kids in the morning and the afternoon. Here I helped out in anyway I could with my limited Portuguese.

Here I met a lot of cool kids that are trying to love God even when they aren’t really getting chances with life. One of those kids is named Yuri (pronounced Euli, roughly). He is a bright young kid. One of the things he asks prayer for is so that his grandpa can stop drinking…

Casa Semear is closed for the summer break and will open up again in February. So during that time I will be going to the street with another missionary named Tim. There are only three Christian organizations that go to the streets of São Paulo to rescue the kids off of the street and ABBA is one of them. There is a serious lack of funds and people going to this least reached people group…

Thank you to all who have been praying for me and have financially supported me. It has been really helpful knowing that people have prayed and donated. I ask that you can continue praying for me. I also have not reached the money that I need to cover the costs of being in Brazil.

Some prayer requests:

For the kids that attend Casa Semear and that live in the nearby slums.
The kids on the street that need God’s light in their lives.
For me as I am trying to communicate in Portuguese to kids.

For funds that will hopefully will come in.

P.S. If there is anyone you know that would like to be put on my email list please let me know!
God Bless.

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