Adoption is for the Church

One thing that has been on my heart for a long time is adoption. It probably has been there since my family adopted two little girls. As the youngest one in my family I was worried that they would take away my standing as my mom’s ‘special angel baby boy’. Obviously I was wrong about a few things, for example, my sisters could never be the “boy” out of “special angel baby boy”. This is probably came about because of a fear of not being loved the same.

My sisters one Christmas.
My sisters one Christmas. One loves music the other art.

I canĀ tell you that was not the case, I have been loved a tremendous amount. That I am thankful for, but what if they didn’t?

Well thatĀ isn’t really the question most people ask. The question that people all is, “Could I love the adopted child as much as my own?” I’m going to counter this question with one of my own, why do you think that you couldn’t? Especially for the Christian folk out there loving another human being is just what we are called to do everyday. Its a conscious decision that we all must make in order to follow God. Of course this is difficult, but what else can we do? We could choose to not follow God but that shouldn’t be an option in our minds.

I was having a conversation with my friend Sarah the other day and she expressed how hard it is for her to look at someone the same once they say, “I don’t know if I could love them the same.” We should be that convicted for kids! We should be that troubled when others aren’t! The church needs to be convinced of this need and do something about it. I believe the church is the answer to children without parents and to children in the foster care programs around the world. God calls us to do something about orphans.

God calls me and you to do something about orphans.

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